Jini Patel Thompson

This is a list of practitioners that I have either personally had sessions with, or I would love to have sessions with!

The more resources you can gather to support your healing journey, the better – because sometimes your body needs some myofascial work, then it wants A.R.T., then it needs some concentrated yoga, other times craniosacral – and so on.

When finding local practitioners in your own area, be sure to look for people who are trained in multiple modalities; I find this indicates an inquiring mind, a thirst for more effective practices and results in a more fluent, deep practitioner, who can pull from a variety of techniques to best serve your body that particular day.

Also don’t be afraid to go deep into a particular technique if that’s what your body is calling you to. 10 sessions of Alexander Technique or Feldenkrais may be the next step in your healing.

REMEMBER your body know exactly what it needs and when, so just LISTEN TO YOUR SPINE and you will walk the most efficient pathway of healing for your unique body.

Rachel Jesien – you may have seen Rachel’s work featured in the New York Post when she helped an 87-year-old woman heal a severe humpback and get out of her wheelchair and walk normally again – with beautiful posture! Rachel has also dramatically lessened her own childhood scoliosis, so she gets this work. Based in New York.

Edward Paget – an Osteopathic doctor who has a very unique understanding of scoliosis and is also certified in Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy. Ed is definitely worth a private session or two. Or you can just get started at home with his excellent videos. Based in Calgary.

Esther Gokhale – offers workshops worldwide teaching people her ‘tribal’ method for moving naturally with a loose, strong spine. This is what will prevent recurrence and set your frame up to align better. Based in Palo Alto, but has certified teachers worldwide.

Dr. Ben Kim – is a chiropractor in Ontario who has an excellent library of free videos for you to use at home to start getting some movement into your back, shoulders, rib cage, hips, etc. They are short and sweet and very easy to follow along with. Remember, you’ve got to get all the parts of your torso looser to be able to start straightening things.

CLEAR Scoliosis Institute – founded by chiropractor Dr. Dennis Woggon, there are chiropractors certified in his method in the USA, Canada and a few other countries. Uses a combination of neuro-muscular techniques, active stretching using bands, machines and other gear to re-position the neck, de-rotate the ribs, etc. These are re-inforced by home practice between sessions. This video gives a great description of the method.

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